4 Easy Steps to Order

Step 1

Email a photo of your fur baby to Craig

Step 2

Craig will confirm details. Eg; characteristics of your furbaby, size of portrait, any deadlines (eg special occasion gift).

Step 3

Craig will complete the portrait in the medium of your choice (eg pastel pencil/charcoal on paper, paint on canvas)

Step 4

Craig will send you a photo of the completed portrait for your approval, and then mail the portrait to you in the post


Thank you so much, Craig, I couldn't have asked for a more perfect portrait! I appreciate you taking on my special request to paint it on a wooden plaque.  I have now placed this on the balcony next to my beautiful fur baby Aaliyah who loves to sit on the balcony and watch the world go by.

Jade - May 2021


Hand-Drawn Pet Portraits

Charcoal and pastel pencil on quality artist paper. With a personalised approach, you’re going to love the results that pet artist Craig will deliver.

Hand-Painted Pet Portraits

A fresh concept for a truly precious memento, animal artist Craig has the talent and expertise to capture the magical image of your pet in paint on canvas. 
Craig can also paint your furbaby on ANY material; he has painted to on wood, a loungeroom wall...and even a decommissioned fire hydrant as a special client request (see pic above).

Original Artworks for Sale

After years of dedication to my art I’m expanding my offering to include non-commission original artworks such as Luna Park, Puffing Billy (pictured) and legendary horses such as Phar Lap. 
These can be purchased as originals or limited edition prints of originals.


Bio / About Craig

Pet portraits started out as a hobby, but through years of hard work and dedication I‘ve managed to turn it into a career.

I’ve loved animals ever since I can remember and I adore the feeling of capturing a moment in time, especially one that I know will be treasured forever.

I see pet art as a fun adventure and stimulating challenge.

My goal is to draw as many precious pets as I can, and share the treasures with fellow animal lovers and followers. 

Keep smiling,